Abdominal liposuction and fat transfer to breasts

This blog is meant to document my liposuction journey and experience with Dr Arthur Tjandra from Medan.

This is my first liposuction and in fact, my first cosmetic procedure.  Not just invasive, but I’ve never tried non-invasive procedures either(eg. botox,etc), so before deciding to do this I had done a lot of research beforehand. Have camped at forums and blogs for the past 2 years, and I’ve read and heard a lot about Dr Arthur Tjandra. Both his reviews and results for liposuction have been very outstanding, if compared to local plastic surgeons(if any) or any others in the nearby Asia region. What attracted me the most was him being known for “sculpting the body” (like an artwork) , which was what I was really looking for since I’m not very fat to start with and was looking to perfect my body further via sculpting and ridding my body of stubborn fat, thus this suited my needs very well.

I emailed Jennifer, the person whom you will correspond with on emails if you’re a first-time patient of his. She was fairly competent in her job and answered all my questions and informed me of the many necessary things I needed to know without me chasing for the information.

So I decided to get abdominal liposuction and fat transfer to the breasts.

We were chauffeured(not free of course) by Dr Arthur’s personal driver from the airport to his clinic, which was an impressive 3-storey building that was well furnished and which rooms and kitchens were decked with food, basic necessities and even towels,shampoo and body soap.

Had a consultation with Dr Arthur to finalize what areas to do, then went to prepare for surgery.

Dr Arthur uses local anesthesia so you’ll be awake throughout. The surgery hurt quite a bit(I’ll be honest) in certain areas like the hips and love handles. Then again, everyone has a different threshold for pain so don’t use me as a benchmark.

The surgery didn’t take long-approx 2 hours at most. The nurse was extremely nice and sweet about everything, and it comforted me a lot to have her warm hand squeezing my hand in assurance during surgery when my friend wasn’t there, as they aren’t allowed to enter the surgery room. She was the one who gave me my massages the next 3 days, and she was being very understanding and kind the whole time I was there. I didn’t catch her name then due to the  language barrier- but Thank you, if you ever see this :).

In total, Dr Arthur did 5 areas for me. Breasts were tender and swelling, and the rest of my abdomen was wrapped in bandages and compression garment for the next 3 days. First day didnt have much swelling. it was the 2nd and 3rd day where the swelling became more obvious. The nurse and her assistants were very gentle with me all the time and redressed my wounds every day I was there. It’s better to have someone there with you though, as you’ll have problems getting off of bed at first and doing other basic things.

Was quite satisfied with the results because I had a much smaller waist after surgery, as Dr Arthur was looking to give me an hourglass body. Stomach wasn’t as flat as I expected it to be though-but Dr Arthur told me there was no more fat and only blood and skin when he tried to suck out more. I heard that it takes 6 months, dieting and regular exercise to see the final result- especially for patients who were not fat to begin with, results are not as obvious in the early stages of recovery. It has been approximately 7 weeks after surgery, and most of my swelling has gone, however not 100% what I wanted to achieve YET, so I shall wait and hopefully it’ll get better:). But I am most definitely much more happier with my smaller waist and smaller tummy in general. Love handles were reduced but there were still some left unfortunately-which maybe regular exercise and going on a diet may help to reduce even further. Maybe I am just a perfectionist. Oh, and my breasts are a little fuller at the top now and not so flat anymore:)



one day after:CYMERA_20131224_172135 (3)


7 weeks: CYMERA_20131223_145815CYMERA_20131223_150758 (1)